Trip Down My Timeline

Imagine strolling down your block where you live, casually observing your surroundings. You know ¬†your neighbours’ names but they’re too many of them for you to form a real friendship with so instead you keep it casual and settle for the ‘Good mornings’, ‘I can’t believe the crime!’ and the occasional’ Love your shirt’ when they pass outside of your window and you’re having your … Continue reading Trip Down My Timeline

Oversharing and other personality disorders..

If you don’t love yourself (the person you are when no one else is around) then it’s more than understandable that you can’t have real love for others either. We can’t build ourselves up when we are determined to bring others down just because we are upset by how we see them living their life..esp. on social media. If you ever find yourself making comments … Continue reading Oversharing and other personality disorders..