I’m High On…Neuroticism.

My anxiety stems from the fear that people will not do their jobs efficiently: Will the receptionist at the doctor’s office forget to write my name down? Will the supermarket correctly pack every item into the bags at the checkout counter? Or will the lady at Maggie’s reserve the last chocolate eclair for me? (even though I’ve already called twice and she said it’s been … Continue reading I’m High On…Neuroticism.

Five Boss Things About Haiti You Should Probably Know.

Ruled by more than 70 dictators since it’s independence, reports of poverty, natural disasters, voodoo and corrupt politicians are the only narratives most of us think about when we Haiti is mentioned.  In light of the now infamous ‘shithole’ comment, courtesy of the POTUS Donald Trump, here are five un-shitty and noteworthy facts about Haiti that usually go unmentioned by the media. The largest mountaintop … Continue reading Five Boss Things About Haiti You Should Probably Know.

Trip Down My Timeline

Imagine strolling down your block where you live, casually observing your surroundings. You know  your neighbours’ names but they’re too many of them for you to form a real friendship with so instead you keep it casual and settle for the ‘Good mornings’, ‘I can’t believe the crime!’ and the occasional’ Love your shirt’ when they pass outside of your window and you’re having your … Continue reading Trip Down My Timeline

But What To Wear?

When confronted with this question countless times the answer is usually easy- a tee and shorts for most casual events but apparently the platitudinous ‘what to wear’ has now become something of an evaluation for me now that I’m a train crash away from thirty (13 months to be exact) and I feel like derailing my entire wardrobe…why did I ever buy those shoes? Just a … Continue reading But What To Wear?

Oversharing and other personality disorders..

If you don’t love yourself (the person you are when no one else is around) then it’s more than understandable that you can’t have real love for others either. We can’t build ourselves up when we are determined to bring others down just because we are upset by how we see them living their life..esp. on social media. If you ever find yourself making comments … Continue reading Oversharing and other personality disorders..